Silke Koehler

She is our guest, our consultant, and also our 'family member'! During her first check-in, she felt staying here just like at home, and she even call Monica: "mama", we accepted her in this family.

Silke, a German girl, was amazing, she has given a great help during the expansion project of House of Kititto. She was so kind to share her expertise in business, accounting, and project management. She gave us a lot of ideas and guidance throughtout the planning stage of the project, from costing, sourcing, market plan, to rooms floor plan and decoration. She even roll up her sleeve for the cleaning part.

After she had spent time and effort to help House of Kititto, she continued her journey to pursue her dream - become a Great Teacher in Energy Work - Yoga and Reiki.

House of Kititto can countinuously giving better services, must attributed to Silke Koehler. She bring more pure energy in the house.