Sebastian & Chihiro

They gave a lot of help for guiding us about western cultures, and what most Europeans' preferences and expectations when looking for an accommodation in Malaysia. This make House Of Kititto more International. Sebastian, a German guy, has given us a very strong moral support, and I can tell he really appreciate the idea of this guesthouse by looking in his eyes, and listening his tone, nothing's fake.

Chihiro, on the other hand, shared her views as a Japanese (Asian) about, doesn't talk much, but her skill of looking for information via Internet is really great. She's the "information digger" in the team, and she has many information about Malacca, which we never thought of before, which is useful for us.

This lovely couple are merely passers-by in House Of Kititto, but due to their experience of travelling at least 25 years (combined), their comments and suggestions mean a lot to us, it's PRICELESS!