Frankie Tan

This guy is brilliant! He is our greatest mentor before we acquire the key to enter this house. We know Franky during his charity project: Connects 2 World Heritage Cities in Peninsular Malaysia, by riding a trishaw from Malacca to Penang, at the same time raise fund for 4 charitable body, in 6th June 2009.

He himself is established, in terms of personality, financially and even kindness, he has been life coaching us since we meet and being a moral supporter since we first had the idea to start a guesthouse. He didn't even think twice when Kent requested him to help for moving the furniture. He value this guesthouse as one of his son, and pay pretty much attention, too.

Frankie also is a photography lover, he sponsored one of his masterpiece titled "The Mother's Love" which portraits a female monkey breast feeding her baby in the thick mist, which taken in Mauritius.