About Us

We are Monica and Kent, a young couple who enjoy kititto (travel or have fun in Hokkien) very much, wishing to bring hospitality service to those who visiting Malacca, with the best we could provide. We are not only providing accommodations, but also help our guests to equip themselves with a lot of information. If you are looking for detail information about culture, history, food & drinks, economy, etc, talk to us.

Based on our travel experience, sight seeing is only the tip of the iceberg of the whole journey. That's why we are trying to create and promote "in-depth" tour experience, where visitors will understand better about Malacca, more than just her obvious outlook.

Being in love with Malaysia, we provide a place to stay and being the best guides for our guests to explore Malacca, the place where Malaysia started.


A Little Bit Of History

Why Kititto became a host?

We always choose to be guests of guesthouses (instead of hotels), during our holidays overseas; We find that we can learn more about culture, people and atmosphere in the country, as most guesthouses are run by the owner him/herself. Opportunity for information exchange, brain-storming and (un-official) language lesson are priceless.

As we learnt about the services provided by a guesthouse is more than just providing a place for night, we planned our way to start one, aiming to serve visitors who choose Malacca as their destination.